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Midsummer College Hoops Notes 08.03.08

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Another summer Sunday. Are you paying attention to the Brett Farve drama with bated breath? Or waiting for the Olympics? And I don't know what's up with the creepy baby faces in front of China's National Stadium, aka the bird's nest, either. The photo is from Foreign Policy magazine's blog.

Faces of children in front of China's National Stadium, Olympics, Bird's Nest Stadium

  • In the "how'd that happen" basketball recruiting file, Cincinnati got a commitment from the 7'2" John Riek, a Sudanese player who had recently moved to the US to pursue basketball; he's been at the IMG Academy in Florida and entered his name in the NBA draft because he's old enough for that kind of thing.

    But of interest from the post, and before we announce Cincy as haveing a shot blocking presence to match U Conn's Thabeet... Riek will take the SAT for the first time in September, and won't qualify until December at the latest; and his last prep school coaches has some doubts about whether he knows enough English and math to pass the test. And he is recovering from surgery to his right knee, which has kept him out of action since the winter.

  • CBS Sportsline has been on fire, with a pair of articles on how college coaches get creative with recruiting: elite camps and hiring AAU coaches after the summer so said coaches can recruit players outside of the NCAA-mandated coach recruiting periods... expect a similar hire from St. John's in a month's time.