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St. John's basketball recruiting: Parrom and Lawrence, plus a Geno note

Three St. John's related links:

- Eugene  Lawrence gets a little love from Bounce magazine. Though the description "Lawrence is known around the city for his muscular physique, crazy handle, court vision and toughness on the defensive end" may make some fans wince, it is true; though that is not all that goes into a successful Big East player. Shooting and some quickness were lacking in Geno, but his physicality on the court was ridiculous.

- USC is looking at Kevin Parrom. That's the South Carolina USC. As noted in the Spartanburg Herald Journal and the State's online presences, Parrom plans on visiting the Gamecocks before making a decision. The Gamecocks have a New York recruiter, Bishop Loughlin graduate and former Gamecock player Michael Boynton, and are looking to make inroads into the NY basketball market.

After typing "Gamecock" twice, I think of those stupid "Cocks" caps, that a strutting rooster is not the most fearsome mascot, and how I don't know how a player could say with a straight face, "I'm a Cock."

- Omari Lawrence will be visiting U Conn next week and Louisville at the end of the month.