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St. John's basketball recruiting: possible commit, Omari Lawrence


(via NY daily news)

Profile on recruit Omari Lawrence; photo courtesy of the NY Daily News

Saw this note this morning and was amused. From the NY Daily News:

Omari Lawrence, one of the city’s top basketball recruits, told The News he will verbally commit to St. John’s today "if everything goes well" at a meeting with Red Storm coach Norm Roberts this morning.

Well, at least he's planning on committing early, now that there is confirmation that his old AAU coach Oz Cross should be in the fold (as mentioned yesterday).

That will definitely be a help for St. John's ability to recruit for the last available scholarship. Or two, if a player decides to leave the squad because of playing time issues - once the seniors graduate, 10 freshmen and sophomores and possibly two guards will come in. I would expect at least one guard to find another place to play... especially if Lance Stephenson starts really thinking about staying local.

But it is funny how a young player's possible commit "if everything goes well" is newsworthy...