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Hurricane Gustav Canceled Red Storm Trip to Cancun

Been away from the blog for a few days - took a trip to NYC over Labor Day. It was nice to be home with my peoples, for sure.

Unfortunately, the fellas didn't get to ball in Mexico this time. The St. John's Red Storm canceled their trip to Cancun over Labor Day to wisely avoid Hurricane Gustav.  Gustav forced the evacuation of New Orleans and areas of Mississippi (one where a friend is, and is now back and safe). The third hurricane of the season took 112 lives.

Hurricane Gustav from the Telegraph (UK)

Would have been nice for the kids to get some practice, but safety is obviously paramount. The team could have used a little more time to practice, to work on their games, and to work on their cohesiveness, but that is quite a big hurricane that's lashing the Gulf Coast. The team won't be able to continue their practices, but the few they have gotten in could be helpful.