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Last [2 Weeks] in St. John's and other basketball

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College Basketball is just around the corner - as is my wedding, meaning that sometimes, the East Coast Bias' posts will be intermittent. But while Tom Brady was getting hurt, MTV had some award show or something and Christina Aguilera (at left) looked like a young Elvira; while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were brought BACK under government control (HANDOUT ALERT! MORAL HAZARD ALERT!); Christina Aguilera at Video Music Awardsand while ABC gets to be the first station to lob softball questions at the hopeful "VPILF", and attender of 4 undergraduate colleges before graduating, Sarah Palin...

+ Trevor Mbakwe suddenly transfers from Marquette, reminding this observer of Qa'rraan Calhoun's sudden departure from St. John's a year ago.

+An Olympic Recap? How long since I've done a blog roundup?

+ Watch the Rudy Fernandez dunk on Dwight Howard.

+ And if you're in his district in Queens, vote Dave Kerpen for City Council.

+ The Red Storm were going to go to Cancun for a set of preseason games, but Hurricane Gustav knocked those plans out.

+ Norm Roberts coached in a charity tournament to benefit families of victims of the September 11th plane attacks in New York.

+ Oswald Cross and Kimani Young were formally introduced as members of the St. John's coaching staff. Kimani Young will be head team manager/ video coordinator, and Oz Cross will be the administrative assistant.

+ The Red Storm 2008-2009 schedule is out. Athlon Sports has the team 16 (that would be bottom) in the Big East, and most other prognosticators have the squad in the bottom four of the league.

+ A recruit that St. John's didn't sign (by all indications it was St. John's choice despite what the players people say) named Donald Williams will enroll and play at the University of Kentucky. Did St. John's make a mistake and not sign an impact player? Time will tell. (I'm guessing on no.)