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St. John's recruiting: Jordan Williams Injury

(photo from the Connecticut Republican American)

Jordan WIlliams Torrington

Northstar Basketball covered the Hoop Group's Fall Jam Fest high school basketball tournament, played around the Rutgers campus in new Brunswick, New Jersey. And he brings news about recruit prospect Jordan Williams - some good, some worrisome:

From Sunday's notes:

In the group’s second matchup, Jordan Williams, who also has a legitimate argument as the best player in attendance, came down hard on his ankle. Williams had to be walked off the court and after the game had to be walked out of the gym, as he was unable to put any pressure on the ankle. According to Williams’ teammate Austin Carroll, "he sprained his ankle pretty badly." Carroll also mentioned that Williams, regarded as one America’s best uncommitted senior big men, would not even be at the gym on Sunday.

Here's hoping Jordan Williams' injury is nothing serious. We'll be watching Williams' recovery closely.