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Last 2 Weeks in the blog

Tina Fey didn't want to do the Sarah Palin impression on Saturday Night Live; abandoned homes in Fort Myers (can't wait to see those when I visit the fam!); and it's the first day of fall.

first day of fall+ Former Texas Western Coach Don Haskins - a man who found himself as some kind of standard bearer for stamping out racist mores in basketball when he was just looking to win a game - died.

+ A fan has a good time at a UTEP game... and the ESPN crew gives him a hand. Not the hand he was getting...

+ Billy Fastball Wagner and his mouth are out for the year. The Mets are now 1.5 games down in the standings, but leading for the Wild Card (wait... that means they come to Chicago if they're the Wild Card team! Holler!)

+ September 9th's football recap.

+ A link dump featuring Eva Amurri, Usain Bolt, Andrew Giuliani and more.

+ The Giants/ Jets new stadium will not be named for Allianz, a company that was closely involved with Hitler's Third Reich. Along with that unsavory connection, does anyone find it disturbing that European companies are the ones putting money in to name US stadiums? I think that says something about the strength of the American companies, along with the American dollar.

+ St. John's recruiting news:

+ Football links for Spetember 15th (week 3) and Chris Cooley's junk. And you will be welcomed by the Atlantic Monthly image of Evil McCain. For Lombardi's sake JUST FIRE LANE KIFFIN ALREADY.

+ West Virginia lost a football game to Colorado. That would be a Rocky Mountain Low.