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St. John's basketball preseason notes (pt 1)

So many basketball articles to be read! And thankfully, too, because I've long decided who I am voting for and seeing the two candidates pander to the undecideds/ swing voter is ridiculous... how could you be undecided?! At least these folks (video) are decisively... whatever they are (good to see people still use "Negro" seriously!))

But today, most teams start practice and with it, think hopeful thoughts before their first loss to a mid-major, first beating by a title contender, or their first crucial injury. So while you're deciding NOT to see Josh Brolin and President Bush, and while you are realizing that the earworm that is the Bee Gees' song "Staying Alive" can help you save a life, check out some St. John's related links:

Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks as George and Laura Bush* The New Big East Report Blog projects St. John's to finish 14th, with a 5-13 record.

This prediction is in line with what I think - there is potential to improve, but the team will have to rely on defense, because none of the players showed themselves to be a go-to offensive force. The sixteen team league looks like a beast... but I will post on how I think folks are maybe blowing up the Big East more than they should in a day or three.

* Blue Ribbon Basketball's college hoops annual picked St. John's to finish 15th.

* Athlon Sports' annual has St. John's at 16th in the league.

* Lindy's has St. John's finishing at 15th in the league. but think Anthony Mason Jr. is going to play power forward.

* Rivals' DePaul site Demons Den, which seems to have fallen asleep in the last month like the East Coast Bias has, has St. John's at 16th ($)... but like others, seem to think that Tyshwan Edmondson and Quincy Roberts are going to start. In reality, one of them might not see a lot of floor time. The article also has a picture of Aaron Spears, who graduated at the end of the 2006-07 season.

* Our friends at Northwestern Wins (they are excellent writers, check them out), also have St. John's at 16th. They cite a lack of Big East talent in the backcourt; the talent is certainly untested and unknown, but this observer notes that Eugene Lawrence, along with having a turd of a senior year, also seemed to... and I hesitate to say this... not fit at all witht he roster. Lawrence's game was methodical, powerful, but inconsistent; he often looked away from open post players, and slowed the offense.