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Last Week in the blog: St. John's basketball updates

Slate asks why do politicians seem to have so many affairs, and such iffy marriages? How did AIG use 75% of the government bailout lifeline (and how are they now asking for more)?

And 30 Rock is coming back this week - watch for Oprah and a fine actress named Tijuana Ricks on the flight behind Tina Fey and Oprah. Tina Fey gets to be known for more than her Sarah Palin impression.

Updates below the fold.

Tina Fey tank top* St. John's didn't get coveted recruit Jordan Williams. The Torrington High forward chose Maryland for the playing time and criminal justice program. Good luck to him; perhaps he'll become like Sean May - a little earthbound but extrememly capable in the post.

* The Rumble's Big East Projections (discussed a little on Villanova By The Numbers), with Louisville projected as #1in the regular season.

* Big East media day notes include the coaches' preseason poll, links to other Big East scribes and quotes from Justin Burrell from, and more quotes from Burrell on knowing his role.

* Connecticut's Nate Miles, after violating his restraining order, will go to the College of Southern Idaho, or CSI, to play ball for a year. It's not on CBS. Will he be back at U Conn? Will he go somewhere else, maybe even to the professional ranks?

* A note on the upcoming preseason NIT Tournament, based on a post from Storming the Floor.

* Lute Olsen steps down as head coach of Arizona (the title of the post refers to how Bill Belichick stepped down from his day-long stint as the head coach of the New York Jets). And I think head coaches who quit suddenly aren't practicing what they preach, but Arizona's future is still bright.

* Unfortunately, one of our favorite blogs, CardsHoops, seems to have hung up the keyboard. Poops.

* Isiah Thomas may have overdosed on a few too many sleeping pills... but there will be more on this during the week. Hope he's okay, despite his "work" with the Knicks.