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St. John's basketball notes from the NY Post

Three notes on a recent article (a week and a half ago), from NY Post writer Lenn Robbins, and some notes from Norm Roberts... below the fold.

- the beat writer toured the on-campus venue at St. John's, Carnesecca Arena (the team plays bigger games in Madison Square Garden, the self-proclaimed "World's Most Famous Arena"), and he seems to come away impressed with the new seating and "bowl atmosphere." The school plans on replacing the roof and adding a video scoreboard.

- Rob Thomas has lost weight (as anyone who has seen recent photos would agree with) and hasn't suffered complications from rehab. Though I have heard no news from him on the message boards or anything, and Norm doesn't mention him in interviews- meaning the coach is not counting on his contribution. To me, that's an uh-oh - the Red Storm need another scorer.

- Robbins writes, and I quote:

[Coach] Roberts said he believes the Red Storm is capable of posting a better than .500 record overall and a .500 record in league play this year.

That's a mediocre record for many teams but for St. John's, that is thinking very big. I see how it could happen, what with the cupcakes on the schedule. But .500 in league play is going to be very close to an NCAA bid. That's some rarefied air.