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Big East: DePaul, Seton Hall, Rutgers, + Previews

While the New York Jets have new signee Ty Law in the fold and former KR/CB Justin Miller out on the street, oil prices are dropping like it's hot, and while people buy guns in fear of Barack Obama's administration taking their guns away (why wouldn't he just take assault weapons?)... I've been enjoying 90210's silliness and most of all Jessica Stroup, who plays Erin Silver on the show (who is crazy hot). Even though she was in the Hills Have Eyes 2.

And if you haven't been able to see Friday Night Lights... it's been good, but I don't see where they get a fourth season out of the show. Now, on to basketball...

Jessica Stroup 90210 hotLast weekend DePaul had their exhibition game against Division II Lewis University. Lindsey Willhite covered the game for the Daily Herald blog and caught some things that I did as well from the game (which I attended):

- Dar Tucker didn't stop yapping. But he was an absolute destroyer on the court. Efficient. Sharp. Strong on defense.

- Matija Poscic didn't look bad.

- Devin Hill rebounded well, even if he was pretty sloppy on offense,

Otherwise, I think I watched an awful team. The flow was mediocre, and they couldn't get the ball to Mac Koshwal. Mike Bizoukas hustled, but his man got open (and looked quicker than him); Kelly's defense was solid, and was close enough to his man to actually swipe at the ball, unlike Bizoukas.

I liked Krys Faber's energy, and he seems like a funny guy, making a "Thriller" move in response to the pep band playing the song.

And Lewis got some decent shots off that didn't fall in the first half. The Blue Demons didn't get into any kind of flow to finish them off, and the Lewis team stuck with them, relatively, until the end.

Some coach or athletic department fellow was telling some recruit who was sitting near me behind the DePaul bench, "well, we have a young team..." That is NOT a good sign, and not a good selling point for a recruit.

Seton Hall: Adam Zagoria reports that Michael Glover is no longer enrolled at Seton Hall and has a transcript of his interview on Seton Hall's radio station, which is very interesting, touching on Gonzalez' recruiting style (JUCOs and academic casualties to try and build the team faster) and the team's standing in the conference.

South Florida: Meanwhile, holy crap in a crapper, South Florida got Gus Gilchrist eligible for December! More people than just Josh Barr are surprised by this. Finally, the Gilchrist/ Terelle Woody package deal has paid off for the player, who will be an impact forward in the Big East. I think his addition alone tightens up the race at the bottom, where I predict DePaul and Seton Hall will be firmly ensconced. Along with possibly St. John's.

At Rutgers, Mike Rosario was efficient, and Corey Chandler was in street clothes for personal issues; JR Inman and Jaron Griffin are already suspended for an undisclosed amount of time. The freshmen's time is now.

The Cracked Sidewalks blog has an excellent pair of posts on the value and use of tempo free-stats and the four factors concept.

The Big East Basketball Report has a roundup of exhibition games.

Luke Winn has a college basketball preseason tournament guide. I'll only be watching one, as I will be out of town for a couple of weeks and away from computer.

SLAM magazine has a Big East preview. Like everyone else, they don't have much to say about St. John's. (the official site of the conference) also has a preview.