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Lost Redman? Where is Ricky Torres?

An earlier post on former St. John's guard Ricky Torres has recently gotten some attention, and I emailed the Sports Information Director of Norfolk State University, the MEAC school where Torres had enrolled.

I got an answer quite quickly. The email:

...I enjoyed his play in high school, and as a St. John's Red Storm fan, wanted to keep track of his whereabouts. Can you tell me if he is still on the team and redshirting, or has he left the team? If he has left, do you know what school he may have transferred to?

Thank you very much, and good luck to all of your teams!
- Pico

the response:

Hi Pico, he is no longer in school here. I am not sure where he went to after leaving NSU.

Ricky Torres, folks, is MIA. It's likely that he's not in school, since I believe another university would have to contact the previous school to get his transcripts and/ or his letter of commitment to the basketball program. Wherever you are, Ricky, good luck to you.