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Game #17: St. John's Red Storm at Villanova Wildcats, links

Before the Eagles take a horribly boring beating at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals...

+ The NY Post's Lenn Robbins reports that Rob Thomas will unfortunately be out for today's game.

Notes for the Villanova Bloggers

+ To answer GreyCat and his fantastic preview at Villanova by the Numbers, St. John's was looking to push the ball more earlier in the year with Malik Boothe, but the current high-pace games are probably more due to poor ballhandling. Well, to looking for any shot that might go in, as well. The team has been poor at running offensive sets since Malik Boothe has been on the bench; they have trouble bringing the ball up under pressure and every team has showed some pressure on the freshman ballhandlers after made shots.

+ And for Chris' preview at I Bleed Blue and White, Paris Horne is learning how to drive and draw fouls a little better, I think. St. John's actually will run, but the ballhandling is suspect. If Villanova can turn them over (and they will turn it over) or be aggressive with outlet passes off of missed shots, they will be able to run on an inconsistent bad transition defense.

+ Let's Go Nova comes with predictions.

+ Nova News' preview, with some fun facts and famed alums.

+ Meanwhile, Wildcats Examiner thinks Anthony Mason Jr. is still playing. We wouldn't have depth problems if he was.