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St. John's Red Storm basketball: Half-Season Conference Performance Analysis 2009

Going into the Cincinnati loss, I took a quick look at how the St. John's basketball players were performing in Big East conference play. I focused on conference play because:

  • that is where a few players started to lose steam last year, with guys like DJ Kennedy passing up shots;
  • St. John's non-conference schedule can charitably be called "soft" like a Care Bear and is therefore not a good predictor of overall skill;
  • and Big East play is where the St. John's players need to compete.

The statistics are taken from after the Louisville game. It's a game beyond the halfway point, yes. I know. But it gives more data, and anyway, that's when I pulled the information from StatSheet (creating it myself turned out to take more time than I had to spend while at work).

There are individual profiles for each player with a short narrative. There are also their tempo-free and traditional stats from last conference season and this conference season in a table.

Despite the beatings, there are some solid performances from Paris Horne and DJ Kennedy; Rob Thomas comes off the bench shooting; and Justin Burrell's shot attempts are way down. Enjoy!