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Game #28: Syracuse 87, St. John's 58: Hoya Suxa adds arena color

I thought this post was funny enough to stand on its own.

There is more at the original post, Hoya Suxa Roadshow: St. John’s:

This was my favorite moment of the entire trip. As you may have read in Mike Waters’ Twitter updates, St. John’s has an amazing habit of just throwing T-shirts into the crowd during game stoppages. I’m assuming that because you can walk out of The Garden with $15-worth of free apparel the crowd somehow reconciles the fact that paying $35 to watch St. John’s is a solid entertainment investment.

Anyway, the crowd at the game last night was decidedly pro-Syracuse. I don’t mean like 51%-49% Syracuse-heavy; I mean like 75%-25% Syracuse-heavy. It was an Orange Out 300 miles south of Syracuse. "Real [Whoever] Wear Orange" was the uniform of choice within The World’s Most Famous Arena and it wasn’t even close. So, when the St. John’s cheerleaders started throwing shirts into the crowd the Syracuse fans did what Syracuse fans do best: determine the effect of gravity on tangible personal property within a basketball arena (i.e., catch it and throw it; preferably, at someone (See, Georgetown) and if someone wasn’t available, onto the court).

And that’s when things got interesting. Well, interesting for a Syracuse-St. John’s game.

The St. John’s fans situated behind the hoop and next to the Red Storm’s woeful pep band did not take kindly to Syracuse fans interrupting bad basketball. In response, the St. John’s contingent did what the St. John’s contingent does best — flip the bird and say terrible things.

It was, in a word, delightful.