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Game #30: St. John's 59, Georgetown 56

Box score

More on this game tomorrow. But the St. John's Red Storm pulls off the home upset, beating the Georgetown Hoyas 59-56 with some grit and a gimmick zone.

I have no idea how any squad wins a game after going 12-plus minutes without hitting a field goal - as St. John's did - and still win. That is an indictment of Georgetown's offense as much as it is of St. John's ineptness.

Stat of the game:
Offensive rebounds for St. John's: 15 (42.9% of available rebounds)
Offensive rebounds for Georgetown: 5 (13.9% of available rebounds)

The importance of free throws:
Free throws, St. John's: 15-17 (88.2%)
Free throws, G'Town: 9-16 (56.3%)

+ That was a crazy game, and the Hoyas couldn't get enough separation, they took bad shots, and wow, that squad is not crisp at running the Princeton Offense. When the Hoyas are playing in the NIT, I think that's what should stand out to their fans. They're overly dependent on Monroe, but the team doesn't play off of each other well.

+ I think this win might bring coach Norm Roberts back. Too bad it didn't come with consistent offense, or better individual performances. But the defense actually... slowed someone down.

+ Malik Boothe was still not such a factor. And DJ Kennedy needed to look for a few more passes. But Paris Horne (16 points, 6 rebounds) made some HUGE King Kong shots down the stretch, and Burrell's clinching dunk was illmatic. And Rob Thomas (16 points, 7 rebounds) really made a mark on a night when every other player was stifled.

+ In fact, Justin Burrell really showed some strong effort out there without the mask, like he just said f$%^! it and went to ball.

There were 67 possessions - maybe a little high for the Hoyas, even in an overtime game - but I think in analysis, the Hoyas will see that they just didn't finish the game off when they had it on lock.