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Big East Tournament: #16 DePaul 67, #9 Cincinnati 57

I'm not sure how Jeremiah Kelly of DePaul squeezed off 12 points, or how Matija Poscic got a pulse and pulled down 7 rebounds, or how the Bearcats couldn't score against a normally-indifferent defense but wow. First conference win of the year for the DePaul Blue Demons.

Cincinnati, you didn't wake up on time this morning.

The Blue Demons get their first conference win of the year, NOT joining Miami on the fully-defeated/ no conference wins in the Big East list. And maybe this extra day of Big East basketball has some merit - eliminating the 9-12 seeds through either a bad loss or the expected fatigue of playing 5 days in a row... this tournament format, maybe, is keeping a terrible team or two firmly out of the NCAAs.

Wait, that's bad for the Big East? Oh.