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Sports Links: Late as Orange, Black as Widow, Green as Backs

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It's time to get back to links as the Red Storm season comes to a close.

Out of the sports world, "Sexting", the practice of teens sending racy pictures to each other via text, is one of the worst phrases I have heard in a while. Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band has a new album out, as does folksy M. Ward - I think I've been in a hole.

A bicyclist in Long Island caught fire and died (he was smoking as he rode).

The Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart smackdown was embarrasing... for Cramer. A review of "Which Side Are You On?" about labor struggles and labor law in the US. Towns known for encouraging non-whites to not let the sun go down on them while in the city limits (for fear of violence).

Recession cocktail recipes (I like the "broke and tan").

Meanwhile, Friday Night Lights is in talks for 2 more seasons, despite low ratings.

And Scarlett Johanssen will be in the next Iron Man movie, starring as the Black Widow, one of those overly/ impossibly curvy femme fatales that comic artists like to draw, and a remnant of the Cold War... how they deal with her backstory will be interesting. There will also be Mickey Rourke playing Whiplash (who is a freaking LAME villain), Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as Rhodey, and man, this is an expensive cast!

Scarlett Johanssen as Black Widow Scarlet JohansenBlack Widow comic book

On to the Sports.

+ So apparently? There was this game last night? And it was absolutely epic. 6 (SIX!!) overtimes for Syracuse to come out on top over Connecticut, 127-117. Ridiculousness. Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician has the headlines, postgame links, and Eric Devendorf getting his salad tossed (he prefers syrup) for you to enjoy.

+ More photos from that game, including Eric Devendorf jumping in the air.

+ After the 6 overtime game, Jim Calhoun is a-whinin' again, about the strength of the league ("someone's got to lose"), how much he doesn't like the expanded Big East Tournament ("I don't like it"), and how his team doesn't close out on opponents (which is very true and why I don't think U Conn's going to win it all).

+ Final Four tickets might come cheap this year.

+ Attendance is down at NCAA games; no specific numbers on the Big East but the range given is a dip of 1-5%.

+ The Wall Street Joutrnal with a few sports related articles: Andrew Zimbalist on the "mad" economics of college basketball (though he doesn't bring apparel sales and the like into the equation); and an article on the cost/ benefit ratio of college basketball coaches' compensation, with a pictuire of Dave Leitao as a man who isn't earning.

+ Speaking of which, the Indiana Pacers say they need some taxpayer money to keep them in the city... the Indianapolis Star's columnist Matthew Tully gives an emphatic middle finger to that notion.

+ A profile on the new Big East Commissioner, John Marinatto.

+ How far Cleveland State has come from heady heights in 1986 'til now. With former St. John's guard Cedric Jackson.

+ Your guide to the dates for all dates of conference finals.

+ Chris Bosh gives you the weather - hat tip to NBA FanHouse.