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St. John's news: non-Lance Stephenson links

St. John's logoOkay, okay, one Lance Stephenson link, covering where we are in his recruitment, as the staffs of Kansas, Maryland, and St. John's wait on the young guard's decision.

St. John's logoMeanwhile, Dan Stallone got written up in St. John's on-campus newspaper, the Torch, for the FireNormNow website, which at the point of this blog's publishing has 462 signatures (many of them real, and many of them yelling for Calipari).

St. John's logoFire Norm T-ShirtThose guys need a "Fire Norm" t-shirt (pictured at left), as the fine Church of Bracketology folks made for me last year. Nice shirt, even if I won't wear something that calls for a coach's head, no matter how I feel.

St. John's logoThe school paper also has an editorial on getting rid of head coach Norm Roberts, and a sit-down with school president Reverend Harrington, who would not agree with said editorial.

St. John's logoPeople keep messing with Norm Roberts' Wikipedia page. That won't relieve the coach of his duties, just so those folks know. It's kind of like spray painting a car or putting "for sale" signs on the coach's lawn, but more petty and less direct.

St. John's logoCoach Roberts will once again do halftime analysis on CBS Sports' March Madness on Demand online service, with Fred Hill and Kevin Willard. I hope Norm is better on the halftime than he was last year, where he was nearly monosyllabic and added little to the talk; I think he was nervous.

St. John's logoOn the recruiting front, guard Lamont "Momo" Jones, who has attended Rice High school, Oak Hill Academy, and the now-closed American Christian Academy, has de-committed from Virginia Tech. The hometown combo guard is a solid player, decent ballhandler, but has a reputation of being a volume shooter; but he might just want to come back home, maybe play at St. John's? Hmm...