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St. John's recruiting update: Lance Stephenson

The continuing saga of Lance Stephenson's college choice...

After all the strum und drang - the 'Lance is gonna commit this date", "Lance is gonna commit that date", Born Ready to Rock-Chalk talk... it seems that Mr. Lance Stephenson, after finally taking his official visit to St. John's, might actually be nearing a commitment.

We think, anyway.

Might it be a commitment to St. John's?

Lance - after a visit from Kansas' Bill Self - took an official visit to St. John's and to Norm Roberts' Dix Hills home. There's been some talk that with Kansas leaning towards accepting a commitment from similarly sized guard Xavier Henry (who is considering Kentucky and Memphis along with the Kansas program), Lance might just go to St. John's.

For what it's worth, Zach Smart has a source that says Lance to St. John's is a done deal.

We will see what Lance decides this week... we hope.