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St. John's basketball: Phil Wait transfers, Kimani Young leaves

One web update from Red Storm Sports on Phil Wait and Kimani Young, two outcomes.

As stated in this morning's post, there has been a rumor that a second player would transfer - too bad he is from the same graduating class.

On Phil Wait:

"We wish Phil the best as he continues his collegiate career," said Roberts. "We support him in his decision to find a situation where he can attain more minutes on the court."

Wait played in 11 contests as a rookie big man in 2008-09, averaging 1.3 rebounds in 5.1 minutes per outing. Though a first-year player and considered a freshman academically this past season, Wait will have two years of eligibility remaining following his transfer. Prior to 2008-09, the NCAA granted him three years of eligibility because of his participation in organized competition at Gran Canaria Academy (Spain) in 2007-08, after reaching 21 years of age.

Phil didn't look comfortable in the few minutes he received, but we all hoped for more out of him. 7 feet tall, some athleticism, needed some work... we will miss you, Phil. The hope here is that Wait's scholarship won't be given to some baller who just can't play very well. Some would say that the administration should save some schollies in case they get canned, but that is no way to run a team. They need to save the scholarship for a Big east-worthy player to get the talent level up to snuff, and to prepare for that 2011 team with a whole slew of freshmen...

On Kimani Young:

Young, the father of three children between the ages of two and six years of age, resigned his post after one season following a family tragedy. Young's wife, Sharette Dixon, passed away on March 23, 2009, at the age of 38.

"I never thought I would ever leave such a great University and historic basketball program as St. John's," said Young. "As a result of the tragic events my family has endured this past month, I have to take a step back professionally to evaluate my goals, with the care of my children being the primary focus and deciding factors."

"I'd like to thank Coach Roberts, the staff and the entire St. John's family for allowing me the opportunity of pursuing my dream, and for the unprecedented love and support that has been extended to me and my family during this difficult time," Young continued.

Young is expected to return to coaching youth basketball in the New York City area, affording him the opportunity to spend more time attending to family matters.

That was terrible tragedy for Kimani and his family, and it will be sad to see Kimani Young. Part of the reason the staff wanted to reach out to Young before he joined St. John's were his connections to players like Devon Collier and JayVaughn Pinkston... interesting to see how this will affect their recruitment, as well.

Best of luck to Kimani and Phil.