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St. John's recruiting update: No Lance, No Parrom

Two misses on the recruiting trail for the St. John's Red Storm - no Kevin Parrom and no Lance Stephenson for the Johnnies, no Redmen glory days of having the best New York City players in the fold in Queens.

In one article, Adam Zagoria notes that Lance Stephenson may still consider Kansas (where would he play??), he doesn't want to stay home and play for St. John's, and Maryland's offense is too structured. And also: Kevin Parrom (as reported on is down to Arizona, Xavier, Pittsburgh, and Virginia Tech.

The Parrom news is disappointing; at his position, St. John's is deep but the team could ALWAYS use more playmaking talent. So I hoped to see Parrom in the fold. The Lance information stands to reason, because if Stephenson at all wanted to play for St. John's University, he could have picked after seemingly being put on hold by the Kansas Jayhawks' staff. He knows the school, and he knows the staff wants him.

Well, I hope the Red Storm coaching staff picks one of the backup point guards they are recruiting and saves the other scholarship for 2010. It would be nice to have another big man to go with Rob Thomas/ Justin Burrell/ Sean Evans/ Dele Coker, but that is not to be.

Not that the administration has any inclination for doing this, and it is awfully late in the year for this kind of thing, but maybe it is time for a change. I guess that, too, will have to wait 'til next year.