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St. John's recruiting update: More on the No Lance Stephenson situation

From the New York Daily News, and here, I assume the "source" is Lance Stephenson's father.

According to sources on both sides, the odds are virtually nil that the 6-6 guard from Coney Island will join the Red Storm. And sources say ditto for Maryland, another college heavily recruiting Stephenson.

"At this point (St.John's is) out," a source told the Daily News. "They're not a priority for us. Maryland coach (Gary Williams) embraced Lance, but for some reason that wasn't the right move."

According to a source with knowledge of St. John's recruiting strategy, coach Norm Roberts and his staff have waited patiently but time is growing short. They still want Stephenson but are now fearful that waiting much longer means missing out on others. The Johnnies got a commitment from point guard and Queens product Malik Stith yesterday.

"Others" as in "other recruits?" They already missed out on Kevin Parrom - and the word is that the St. John's coaching staff doesn't like his game. There aren't impact guys out there, and if they get a big, which they could sorely use, he will be a stiff. Or at best, a Sean Evans clone.

All of this should put the St. John's coaching staff squarely on the hot seat; they need to win next year, and hopefully get to the NCAAs as Monasch once said was a goal for next year on a radio program (Mike and the Mad Dog, perhaps). The Big East will be weak, but expecting a ridiculous drop off from coaches who have strong systems, returning players, and highly motivated coaches is a serious stretch.