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St. John's basketball: Quincy Roberts highlights 2008-2009

Found an article from mid-Pennsylvania/ Penn Live website, where Harrisburg's Quincy Roberts was a star before enrolling in St. John's for school and to be a member of the Red Storm basketball team. Q saw a lot of minutes on the court out of position at the point guard, filling in for Malik Boothe.

The highlight reel isn't the whole story, as he didn't light it up his freshman year. That said, he displays hops and a shot, and the Quincy has some talent.

A look back on Quincy Roberts' season will be coming in the next month on this site.

The depth chart is deep this year, and Q might not see as many minutes on the floor, but that happens with a 13 man roster - not everyone gets burn. Personally, I hope he redshirts this year and gives himself two years where he will shine with a lot of minutes in 2011 and 2012.