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St. John's Phil Wait transfers to Monmouth

He is 7 feet tall and he is skilled; Phil Wait may be a solid big for Monmouth.

He's enrolled on classes, according to the Asbury Park Press (who re-posted a chunk of my recap of Wait's season, with the link - thanks). Heck, he could be a star. The Monmouth Hawks played a slow pace last year, lacked height (it's the Northeast Conference aka the NEC - height is hard to recruit at lower-level conferences, so that's understandable) and by Pomeroy's stats, were young and one of the worst teams in the country.

Good luck to Phil Wait. It'll be a good place for him to work on his skills, get steady playing time, and develop into someone who can go back to England and make a little bit of money playing for the British league teams... and with some luck and development, maybe getting a few paychecks on the European continent.