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Big East Bloggers Roundtable Recap

This was a 6-part miniseries of Big East bloggers that you should check out. It's not coming out on DVD. But some of the brightest bloggers covering the 16-team Big East got together to talk a little about the upcoming season. The participants:

The topics and quick recap notes for said topics, below the fold.

Part 1: In which bloggers covering U Conn, DePaul, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, South Florida, St. John's, Syracuse, and Villanova talk about what's changed for their basketball teams - who's coming in, who they will be without.

Part 2: The Cash for Clunkers post - where the bloggers picked which teams would be on top, which would be on the bottom, and which Big East basketball team is hardest to predict.

Part 3: Though Luke Harangody seems to be the only name the national writers know well, we discussed Kemba Walker, Greg Monroe, and Lazar Hayward as other ballers who will become national names this year while putting up numbers in the Big East.

Part 4: This portion of the roundtable featured discussion about breakout players for many teams; Devin Ebanks and Kemba Walker popped up once again.

Part 5: Where the bloggers talk about their adoption of Twitter, the upsides and drawbacks.

Part 6: Ends the roundtable, with the bloggers discussing how they have spent the offseason before becoming basketball-consumed freelance writers with little regard for home, family, or country.