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St. John's basketball: Seth Davis on Coaches on the Hot Seat

Courtesy of CBS Sports - Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis does a video post on coaches on the hot seat.

He mentions Norm Roberts, Fred Hill of Rutgers, and Jeff Lebo of Auburn - all struggling coaches at programs that have struggled for a long, long time.

Davis notes that programs like the Iowa Hawkeyes and NC State Wolfpack ran their coaches out... but (and this is a paraphrase) perhaps the schools should look at what they're doing wrong instead of using the coach as a scapegoat. I don't know about that one, Seth... there's a lot a school can do to improve the on-court product, but if the coach can't inspire good performances, get the right players, and outwit his opponents, maybe he has to go.

Or perhaps Davis is right as rain, and the schools have to take a long hard look and make better decisions as an organization...

Video below the fold.