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NCAA Vault + Other NCAA basketball Links

Do you want to watch NCAA games from 2000 to now, online?

I know I do. What a way to not get work done.

The NCAA Vault full video page with game highlights, cuts by "great plays" and "great finishes" and more.... Even though my team (St. John's) isn't in it, this is going to be the hottest thing this month.

I can't wait to watch the Seton Hall team from 2000. Even if that game is after the moment (near halftime, I think?) where Ty Shine said "f**k it" and played like a shooting combo guard against Temple, jacking shots like it was his backyard and ditching the idea of playing point like the hard-to-match Shaheen Holloway.

Also hot this month:

- the (loose, and without games) CBS Basketball schedule, including the air times for the March Tournament games. I expect it will be updated as they know more;

- and March Madness on Demand, which is incredibly good. It's a real reason I hope CBS doesn't lose the NCAA Tournament with possible March Madness expansion.