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When It's Time to Change Mar 3 update

A recap of an earlier post from February 11th about the reason St. John's needs a new coach - the team has been consistently giving up more points than they score. And this year, the offense is better... but there really isn't a way to cover the distance between what Big East opponents will score, and what St. John's is capable of scoring.

The chart below - as of right now in the league - includes some excellent offensive performances this year to bring St. John's to just over 97 points per 100 possessions - generally mediocre for a team in against their conference foes. When I published the chart earlier, the team was scoring about 93 points per 100 possessions. So they have had better performances.

But the numbers average out to say that this year is the best performance in terms of efficiency margin the Red Storm have enjoyed... and it's still pretty far from good enough. This is not a major-conference worthy offense. It is, frankly, putrid.

Just another week of the season, barring surprises in Big East conference tournament play (like last year's crazy first day), and hopefully St. John's will announce one way or the other whether coach Norm Roberts returns.

Numbers and records for Big East games only.
Eff Opp's Eff Eff Margin Pace Record Win%
97.3 104.1 -6.8 65.2 5-12 29%
93.6 105.3 -11.7 66.8 6-12 33%
89.9 102 -12.1 65.6 5-13 28%
94.8 103.6 -8.8 65.1 7-9 44%
91.6 100.1 -8.5 64.5 5-11 31%
94.4 103 -8.6 65.8 3-13 19%

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