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2010 Coaching Carousel: More teams hand out pinkslips

It's that season, where schools look upon others going to the postseason with green envy and make a move to try and revitalize their program, chopping off the public head. Here is our update on the coaches on the hot seat; many of these coaching changes were expected by us and by the coaches themselves.

Auburn's Jeff Lebo, after a 15-17 season, is gone.

Oregon's Ernie Kent has told his players that he is not returning to Oregon, a move widely rumored with the new court opening up in Eugene.

Iowa's Todd Lickliter might "resign." Under duress.

The hot seat rumors were pretty accurate. See my earlier post on each coach's record at their school, in conference, and overall. Also see the post on evaluating up and coming coaches.

Addendum - and one I didn't hear much buzz about before a week or two ago - Boise State fires coach Greg Graham.