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St. John's basketball: 2 interviews, 1 bat, + recruiting update

Addendum: interviews, Coach Dunlap's bat, and recruiting notes:

St. John's logo smallJon Rothstein got a sit-down interview with Steve Lavin for the MSG Network. Lavin says his focus is on:

  • making free throws;
  • turnovers, especially late in games
  • shot selection - getting good shots
  • shot discipline - getting a good shot at the right time (so no open 3's out of rhythm for Justin Brownlee with :25 left on the shot clock

Coach Lavin stresses realism, sees the potential for a cohesive basketball team; he is in the process of watching every possession they had last season. Lavin also comments on his "diverse staff" - he delegates the implementing of the style and system of play while he secures good talent.

Other tidbits:

  • Internal development (of Malik Stith and Quincy Roberts): vital. He wants to create the right culture.
  • Coach wants stops and shutouts (multiple stops) defensively, which allows you to get out in transition.
  • Lavin has been eating at 4 am places. Tao, Blue Ribbon, delis... I think he has the potential to get very fat.
  • Seton Hall as a possible riser.
  • Defense is the key for the team.

St. John's logo smallGene Keady was interviewed by Adam Zagoria, on his role as advisor to the drills and in the locker room, and getting players to play to their strengths.

And more about his deal - a salary, someone to take care of his toy poodle... it takes a man to admit he has a toy poodle.

St. John's logo smallAll about Coach Dunlap's Bat. You may have been wondering what's up with the #coachdunlapsbat hashtag, and why the St. John's players have been carrying Mike Dunlap's bat around the campus... if you follow the fellas on Twitter. Johnny Jungle gets to the bottom of the bat - a symbol of responsibility and unity.

St. John's logo smallRecruiting note: St. John's is keeping an eye on 2011 big men Daouda Soumaoro (ESPN profile), who will sign late and still has to take the SATs, and Bryant Crowder (video)who is currently at Santa Monica College (a profile from last year; a Bounce Mag profile), along with Norvel Pelle and God's Gift Achiuwa.