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Big East basketball power rankings - RITG ballot

The UConn blog hosts weekly power rankings of Big East teams, to be posted later. This week's are here. My submission:

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Villanova
  3. Syracuse
  4. Notre Dame
  5. Louisville
  6. Cincinnati
  7. St. John's
  8. Connecticut
  9. Marquette
  10. West Virginia
  11. Georgetown
  12. Rutgers
  13. Providence
  14. Seton Hall
  15. South Florida
  16. DePaul

These positions will move around for me, and I have no idea how accurate pr predictive they are. Could West Virginia beat every one of the teams in front of them? Quite possibly. Could the Georgetown Hoyas stop passing the ball into the fourth row?

Hey, anything could happen. Comments? Disagree?