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The ninth member of the St. John's recruiting class, Phil Greene is in the fold: "It’s a good fit for me," [Greene] added by text. "They play an up and down style which is my style of play and I have a chance to play right away. They plan on letting me play the point and running the two at times." St. John’s coach Steve Lavin plans on using "interchangeable guards," utilizing Greene, Malik Stith, Nurideen Lindsey and D’Angelo Harrison. Lindsey, Harrison and Greene will all be first-year players. Some have said that the recruiting class needs a "true" point guard; but the style that Lavin has implemented of pressing/ trapping will likely do better with interchangeable guards. That said, the team will be excited when Jevon Thomas arrives in 2012. A true ballhandler is always helpful to manage the pace of the game and make the tough play. How will the rotation shake out? We'll be looking at this occasionally this season and extensively in the offseason.