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Welcome to the Rumble. Buckle up.

Welcome to Rumble in the Garden, SB Nation’s new blog covering the St. John’s Red Storm. I’m honored to manage the Johnnies’ entry in the SB Nation network, joining many others who have joined up in the past couple of years. (And have done roundtable posts with.)

You may have read my old blog, The East Coast Bias, where I focused mostly on St. John’s with slight diversions to the Mets. But more and more, my free time has turned towards the attempts of St. John’s to rise out of the muck and disrepair in which the basketball program has fallen. Following the team is not quite like licking one’s finger and shoving it into a socket… most of the time. But sometimes it can feel that way; this site is another place St. John’s fans old and new can get together to commiserate about our favorite program.

This is an interactive community! Comment freely –but note the terms of the community that you agree to when you comment. They basically ask you to be respectful, not to blow up on a player, coach, or fellow commenter… and try not to say something you can’t back up with some kind of evidence. Like A Sea of Blue’s guidelines – be nice. We want rational, polite, value-adding discourse.

There will be game threads to comment on.

There will be pregame and postgame articles.

There will be tempo-free statistics and tables.

There will be music references.

In the future, there may even be additional writers.

So welcome, and take a look through the archived material, brought over from the old blog. Keep an eye out for the new stuff, and let’s talk about the Red Storm. New York City basketball is rising up. Soon the seats and rafters will be deafening, a rumble in the heart of the city for the home team.

You know, like this:

Or more recently like this from the Georgetown game: