Rumble in the Garden Community Guidelines

Welcome! Let's keep it (mostly) clean, fun, and high quality in here. Share your perspective, agree or disagree as you wish, but be engaging and respectful.

No flaming, trolling, spamming, Rick Rolling, or anything else you wouldn't do or say to someone's face at work or a family gathering.

Be rational and remember we're talking about college kids here who are playing basketball for free. Take a breath before commenting. Don't be insulting. Treat others with respect, feel free to ask questions... and let's keep cheap insults, political insults/ accusations, browbeating, and name calling out of here as well.

Now come on inside!

Thanks for posting! Let's keep it clean, fun, and high quality in here, as in the comments. Share your perspective, add something new and relevant, and start a discussion. Take a breath before posting something you (or the readers) will regret.

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