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Opponent scouting: Arizona loses to Division II Seattle Pacific


Last night, the Arizona Wildcats - St. John's first opponent in the Coaches vs. Cancer matchup in Madison Square Garden - lost to Division II Seattle Pacific [box score], not taking care of business like St. John's did against CW Post. It's preseason, of course, and teams with a lot of new players are working out the kinks... but Arizona may have as much of a problem asserting its will on the defensive and offensive glass as St. John's does.

On the other hand, Seattle Pacific includes two players over 6'10 who played for Division I schools (Gonzaga and Utah State), no players under 6'2, and a number of 6'6 and taller bodies. So the Falcons' gameplan against Arizona might not be quite so relevant after all.

The Wildcats' interior defense was mediocre, especially in the first half. And the team's shooting, especially in the first half, needed improvement. The 'Cats worked the ball in to senior center Kyryl Natyazhko early on, but needed freshman Nick Johnson's scoring to rally.

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