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St. John's player meter, week 1

St. John's basketball is off to a good start, having played and won all three regular season games (against William & Mary, Lehigh, and UMBC). Stars are emerging for the Johnnies, and the young team is already making progress.

It's time the Rumble broke down players' performances of Week 1 of the college season to show who's been up, who's been down and who's just been hanging around.

(All player photos from RedStorm Sports' roster pictures)


Nurideen_lindsey_mediumNurideen Lindsey - Lindsey has definitely been up for the Red Storm. He is averaging 16 points per game through the first three games to go along with nearly 6 assists (5.75 to be exact) and 6 rebounds. He has been a theif, snagging 3 steals per game.

The only concern with Lindsey, however, is his turnovers. The Philly native is averaging close to 4 per game which means the opposing team has a chance to score 8-12 points off Lindsey's turnovers alone.

The other concern is free throw shooting. Lindsey is shooting it at 58.5% from the free throw line. With his great ability to drive and finish in traffic, Nurideen needs to capitalize on as many and-1's as possible. In the 2nd game of the season versus Lehigh, Lindsey had back-to-back traditional 3-point opportunities but squandered both free throw attempts. That will hurt St. John's come Big East play.

Overall: B+

Gg_achiuwa_mediumGod`sgift Achiuwa - Achiuwa has been all St. John's could ask of the 6'8" Nigerian. The big man is averaging 17 points per game with just under 8 rebounds.

Those numbers aren't the only eye poping stats for Achiuwa.

He has shot the ball from the free throw line better then any could have believed. In the last 2 games, Achiuwa has hit 17-17 free throws, and is shooting it at 93.7% for the season.

Gift has not only shot well from the line, but from the field as well at 75.3%.

It is way too early to know if Achiuwa will be able to maintain such high numbers from either the field or free throw line but for now, St. John's has to be very happy with his ability to finish his scoring opportunities.

Overall: A

Moe_harkless_mediumMaurice Harkless - Moe Harkless has been a very important piece in the first 2-games of the season in the 2nd half when St. John's was trailing. From big time rebounds or blocks, to strong moves in the paint finishing lay-ups, Harkless has been what the Red Storm expected; an all-around player.

Harkless is averaging 17 points per game to go with 5.5 rebounds while shooting it at 55.9% from the field.

Only concern with Harkless - his 3-point shooting. Harkless continues to take them when given the open look but has been unable to knock them down. In due time and with added confidence, he can hit them.

Harkless will be a terrific college 4. Has the height, length and game to make it difficult for any team to guard him.

Overall: B+

Honorable Mentions

D`Angelo Harrison - Though Harrison continues to struggle from his favorite spots on the court, behind the arc, it hasn't stopped him from scoring.

Harrison is averaging 15 points per game to go with almost 3 steals.

Overall: B

Malik Stith - Stith scored only 2 points on opening night but slowly is picking it up. 6 points against Lehigh and then 11 points against UMBC.

It's great that Stith can be another scoring option, but he needs to be more. He needs to be kind of how Malik Boothe was last year - where he does all the little things that don't show up on the score card.

Overall: C+

Phil Greene & Sir`Dominic Pointer - Both players have been low-key thus far into the season. Neither is really scoring, both at almost 3 points per game, but Greene and Pointer have been good in other areas.

Greene is averaging 3 assists per game and providing valuable minutes. Pointer has been a terror on defense, creating turnovers with his wide frame and quick hands that open up steal chances for his teammates.

Overall: C

Again, it's too early to tell if these players will continue with their performances or change. But the Rumble will give you week-by-week anaylsis to keep you informed on each players progression. What do you think?

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