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St. John's vs Texas A&M (2k Sports Classic) game thread

St. John's and Sir`Dominic Pointer are back at the Garden for an afternoon tilt.
St. John's and Sir`Dominic Pointer are back at the Garden for an afternoon tilt.

The Johnnies, fresh off of a disappointing loss in yesterday's 2K Sports Classic benefiting Coaches vs Cancer, hope to rebound with a win over the Big XII's Texas A&M Aggies in the Consolation Game at Madison Square Garden.

The Aggies come off of a somewhat surprising loss to the Mississippi State Bulldogs, a loss that brings up questions about the Aggies ability to come from behind, make plays off of the dribble, and win games without star Khris Middleton.

For the Johnnies, there were some good performances all around the roster, but God`sgift Achiuwa was stifled by the size inside. Will this be a regular thing, or a one-game burst of excellent defense on the divinely-named center?

Can Nurideen Lindsey remain effective despite foul trouble and no outside shot?

Are we seeing the emergence of D`Angelo Harrison and Phil Greene as perimeter threats?

Will Maurice Harkless get the ball more?

After the jump, a new separated-at-birth photo. Come comment with us. It was pretty active during the Arizona game, can we match that?


Texas A&M point guard Dash Harris (and his sweet purple stylings) and Donovan McNabb, with his vagabond purple stylings. I think they look a little alike, but it may be the purple throwing me off...

What are we thinking? And what will you all be doing/ watching this weekend after this game is over? The next St. John's game isn't until Tuesday, against St. Francis, at home...