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St. John's Player Meter (Week 2)

Did Phil Greene rise in the player meter with his 2K Sports Classic performances? You bet.
Did Phil Greene rise in the player meter with his 2K Sports Classic performances? You bet.

After their first taste of what back-to-back games are like in college as well as their first foot prints on the hardwood floor of Madison Square Garden, St. John's as a team played very well.

In both Coaches vs Cancer games versus (15) Arizona and (18) Texas A&M, the Red Storm fought until the very end, but certain players at certain moments hurt the team's chances to win. Call it a lack of experience if you would like, I call it a stepping stone for a bright future.

Here is how each individual player ranked this past week compared to last week's St. John's player meter.

(player photos courtesy of Red Storm Sports)


Arrow-up_medium Phil_greene_headshot_medium Phil Greene - Talk about stepping up in the bight lights. "Money Man" Greene came to play Thursday and Friday night.

In the two games, Greene averaged 11 points on 61% shooting. He had 3 steals, 4 assist and 3 rebounds in total and after his strong performance in Thursday's night game, he earned the starting role Friday night.

After his first exhibition game where he scored 20 points on 4 of 6 from three point territory, Greene became a non-factor until the Coaches vs Cancer games. If he can provide St. John's with strong numbers off the bench, it could help give needed rest to Nurideen Lindsey and D`Angelo Harrison.

Week 1 Grade: C

Week 2 Grade: B+


Sirdom_pointer_headshot_medium Sir`Dominic Pointer - Pointer followed in the steps of Greene showing up more in the box score as well as doing the little defensive things that don't show up. In the game versus Arizona, Pointer got the starting nod after God`sgift Achiuwa was benched for being late to the team bus.

Pointer responded to the gift from Gift with 4 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and a steal; but he did commit 4 turnovers as well as foul out.

In the game against Texas A&M, Pointer returned to his bench role and still scored 7 points, 5 rebounds, a steal with only 2 turnovers.

Pointer is known as a defensive stopper instead of an offensive option which will contain him to the bench at this point of his career. That doesn't mean he isn't a huge asset. If he continues to score 7-8 points per game as well as grab 5-6 rebounds and do the little things, St. John's has one of the best 6th men in the Big East.

Week 1 Grade: C

Week 2 Grade: B


Arrow-side_medium Moe Harkless - Maurice Harkless is as consistent of a player as you will see. Always a scoring option and a good nose for the ball when it comes to rebounding.

Harkless followed up a 13 point and 9 rebound performance against the Wildcats with a 10 point and 7 rebound effort against the Aggies.

The only real main concern with Harkless is his tendency to shoot the three. He wants to get better but sometimes needs to think if his choice of shot selection can affect the team.

Week 1 Grade: B+

Week 2 Grade: B+


D'Angelo Harrison - Wanted to move Harrison up a grade but there were areas that took away from that happening.

Though averaging 14 points per game, 1.5 assist and 3.5 rebounds in the two games, Harrison also averaged 4 turnovers and fouled a total of 7 times.

In game 1, Harrison hit 1 of 3 threes but in game 2, he attempted 8 only hitting 3.

Yes, he wants to build confidence in his shot but it's apparent that isn't needed right away. St. John's has been able to win or keep with teams with or without the 3-point shot. Harrison needs to to keep his attempts to a minimum of 5 unless he gets hot.

Week 1: B

Week 2: B


Malik Stith - Stith's performance will never blow you away. But he is definitely a huge factor as a leader for these young guns of St. John's. He did lose his starting role to Phil Greene in the game against A&M but not sure if that will hold over to Tuesday's matchup against St. Francis (NY).

In 2 games, Stith totalled 8 points 3 assists and rebounds.

Week 1 Grade: C+

Week 2 Grade: C+


Arrow-down_medium Nurideen Lindsey - After a strong start to the season, Lindsey had two games where he was a reason that the Red Storm may have lost the game.

Game 1, Lindsey scored 18 points, 2 assist and 5 rebounds.

While those numbers look great the 7 turnovers and 5 personal fouls (2 of which came on the offensive side because he lowered his shoulder) bring down the greatness.

On one of his lowering the shoulder offensive fouls, Lindsey had Pointer right across from him. Instead of dishing it out, Nuri decided he wanted the basket, not a very high basketball IQ.

In game 2, Lindsey had 12 points, 3 assist and 5 rebounds.

Another solid line but again there was something that came and affected his stellar night - this time, free throw shooting.

Yes, Lindsey did blow the last two free throws but those could have been avoided had he hit two of the other 6 he missed prior.

Lindsey will grow as the year gets going. His basketball IQ has to be raised and his consistency from the line will be crucial. Oh, and if he could hit a jump shot soon, that would be great also.

Week 1 Grade: B+

Week 2 Grade: C+


God'sgift Achiuwa - After getting favorable matchups against his first 3 opponents, Achiuwa couldn't get into a flow against bigger players. Not a good sign from the heavens.

After being benched game 1, Gift came in and scored 4 points to go with 2 rebounds. Did I mention he missed both his free throw attempts? (Was at a streak of 17 of 17 free throws in the two games before Arizona.)

Game two was more or less the same: 3 points and 3 rebounds and missed 3 free throws. At least it wasn't 6-6-6 right?

Gift needs to learn to DeJaun Blair-esque - undersized but not let it affect him.

Week 1 Grade: A

Week 2 Grade: C

This team has proven it can compete with ranked teams. If they work on some fundemental areas of basketball, watch out...

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