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Game Thread: St. John's vs St. Francis - Lavin will miss game

The youngsters continue to learn the ropes against St. Francis of Brooklyn.
The youngsters continue to learn the ropes against St. Francis of Brooklyn.

Steve Lavin will miss tonight's game as he continues with his recuperation process; his modified schedule means that he's sitting this one out against the St. Francis (NY) Terriers. Mike Dunlap will coach in his absence, as he did in the first two games.

Other than Lavin's absence (and we at the Rumble wish him good rest and good health), the internet has been quiet for St. John's information and chatter in the past day... but we'll be watching the game . If you're here, you probably will be too.

game preview: Game 6: St. John's vs St. Francis Terriers - Rumble In The Garden

Can St. John's keep an active 6'4 forward off the glass? So far, Travis Nichols has been difficult to keep off the glass. I noted him in the Seton Hall game to be quick to the ball. It'll be a good test of the rebounding skills of the team. In that game, though, only Jordan Theodore and Herb Pope came with their A-game attempts. It was an ugly game... will tonight's be the same way, a mix of bricks, fouls, and errant passes?

St. John's welcomes back former assistant coach Glenn Braica to campus, like Chris Casey did with CW Post. Now all we need is for Florida to come to St. John's and Fred Quartelbaum to come for a visit and we'll have the whole staff covered for a tour of reminisces.

Points to watch for tonight:Achiuwa looks to get back on track as Johnnies face St. Francis (NY)

  • Nurideen Lindsey, of course, will be the subject of some conversation because of his missed free throws. Per Twitter, Nuri was in the gym working on his free throws today.
  • God`sgift Achiuwa and his low output in the 2K Sports Classic was a focus in the pregame press conference. Can he put up some strong numbers against the small but active St. Francis front line?
  • How will Phil Greene fare in his second starting assignment?

I'm thinking the Red Storm win by double digits. What do you think?