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Game Thread: St. John's vs Northeastern - Lavin misses second straight game

The rigors of cancer recovery - and Coach Steve Lavin's modified schedule - mean that Lavin will once again watch his Red Storm players from home in their post-Thanksgiving afternoon tilt against the Northeastern Huskies.

"Naturally, I have to continue to be mindful of my stamina and how I utilize energy as I recuperate from surgery," said Lavin in a press release. "I am working closely with our staff and players as we continue to build our team in preparation for the rigors of conference play."

Lavin's absences haven't hurt the team terribly, but fans, players, and staff would love to see him recuperate enough that he can coach each game. Lavin is coaching a brand-new team; and the management of players, time, and game situations also has a preseason.

From all accounts, Lavin should be on the sidelines for the marquee game against Kentucky. Here's hoping the erudite coach continues to recover.

As for the game, it's afternoon on Thanksgiving weekend. Great time for some hoops.

Game previews:

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Game 7: St. John's vs Northeastern Huskies

We'l be watching the battle in the paint and whether Northeastern's propensity for fouling an St. John's ability to draw fouls causes fans to beat the traffic early... was it Bucky Waters who liked to refer to "the jingle of car keys"?

In all likelihood, the game won't be that easy.