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Sir'Dom Pointer: A Red Storm of Love and Basketball

In the movie "Love and Basketball" two basketball athletes, male and female, grow up together. And their game slowly translates into a relationship in which they would take to college, with the two eventually getting married at the end of the film.

Maybe they didn’t grow up together but two student-athletes at St. John’s look to create the new age "Love and Basketball" just without the drama of an injury to either of them.

Sir`Dominic Pointer, one of St. John's 4 standout freshmen, and Briana Brown, the sophomore on the 25th-ranked women's team, are The Red Storm versions of Quincy McCall and Monica Wright. 

Briana_brown_medium"It’s one of my favorite movies," said Brown with a laugh. "When I first watched it I wanted my life to be like Sanaa Lathan."

Her wish may have just come true.

"We met at [Sir’Dominic Pointer's] official visit to the campus," said Brown.

After exchanging numbers, the two highly talented players transition to a different sort of game; one that takes place on and off the court.

"It’s a normal relationship," laughed Brown as she sat behind her table for St. John’s Media Day.

Though the two are a year apart in school, age and miles away in where they grew up - Brown is from Connecticut and Pointer being from Michigan - the two have found a common thing they can share and help each other grow in, basketball.

"We play 1-on-1. Help each other’s game out," said Brown. "We want to keep building each other and keep each other going."

Sir_dom_pointer_mediumBrown went on to praise Pointer's defense, noting his quick footwork and how much of strong defender he was.

Pointer, being a smart boyfriend, strayed away from answering questions without Brown’s consent but he too complimented Brown’s defense.

Is her defense good enough to stop Pointer though in 1-on-1 match ups?

"I blow past her," laughs Pointer.

This was something Brown could also attest to. "Yeah, he’ll blow by me sometimes but I get some steals," smiled Brown.

Though young, the two both agree to not let anything affect their games. "We tend to keep personal stuff out of business. We don’t mix business and pleasure," said Brown. "Any personal stuff stays between us."

Pointer and Brown are both preparing for very big seasons for their respective teams. 

"I know my role on the team and that is to defend," said Pointer. "And I know that if I do my part and my teammates do theirs we can have a successful season."

"I’m confident in this team," added Brown about her squad. "We work as a team so we pick each other up and win together."

A very exciting season lays ahead for Quincy and Monica.

(photo of Sir`Dominic Pointer, aka Quincy, via Red Storm Sports. Photo of Briana Brown, aka Monica, from her Facebook)


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