Providence: Pre-Game Efficiency

Hoping all had a joyous and wonderful Christmas. The big day has come and gone and behold, Big East play is upon us. St. John's entertains Providence at Carnesecca Arena. A few efficiency notes after the jump.

St. John's is 6-5. The average possessions in the 11 games is 67 per. Not walking it up or flooring the accelerator but taking opportunities that arise in transition. The offensive/defensive efficiency:

Offense 100

Defense 98

A +2 (offense minus defense) efficiency margin. Obviously you want to be positive but this is just getting by and indicative of being one game over .500.

Among the Four Factors, the Storm are 35.4 in offensive rebounding percentage and 36.8 against. Thought the deficit would be much greater but it's very close. St. John's commits turnovers at a 21% rate (too much) but forces opponents into a 22% rate which bodes well for the defense.

The plays (taking in the possession factors without subtracting offensive boards). St. John's averages 79 a game with a moderate .84 points per play. On to Providence....

Friars are 11-2 under new coach Ed Cooley. They average 68 possessions, a pace similar to St. John's, with a healthy efficiency in both areas.

Offense 107

Defense 93

That is a +14 efficiency margin. Those numbers will come down in the rigors of conference play but for now they tell us Providence is a solid club on both ends. The defensive minded Friars hold opponents to a 43% eFG mark. On offense they care for the ball with a 19.5% TO rate. On defense they do not force many miscues as opponents have a 19.3% rate against their defense. Simply, the numbers tell us the Friars do not necessarily pressure you into mistakes but lock you down and contest shots very well.

Providence averages 80 plays per game. Their efficiency is a healthy .90 points per play.

The time worn cliche tells us 'there are no nights off in the Big East'. A visit from the Friars guarantees St. John's will be busy the full forty minutes. If not overtime as well.

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