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Gametime! U Conn/ St. John's game thread - rockin' Garden

Get prepped for the game! Kemba vs. Hardy! Connecticut vs. New York City! Calhoun vs. Lavin! Dog vs. Weather!


5 Questions with the U Conn Blog on the Connecticut Huskies.

5 answers on the Red Storm from Rumble in the Garden on your St. John's Red Storm.

The Rumble's pregame preview: Game 23: vs. Connecticut Huskies

From the preview, an overview of the Keys to the Game (more detail in the pregame post):

Slow Kemba Walker.

Post low turnover numbers.

Score inside.

High energy in Madison Square Garden.

Big game Hardy.

Can St. John's knock off the 10th ranked Connecticut Huskies? Kemba has always been a tough cover for them, so my magic 9-ball says check back later.

Do you think the Johnnies can win tonight and get closer to that NCAA Tournament berth?