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Where should St. John's be ranked tomorrow?

St. John's fans are still coming down from the big 60-59 win over the Pittsburgh Panthers. Congratulations again to the fellas - this is what hard work and a cohesive attack and resiliency will get teams.

There is so much postgame media coverage for this game. Lead story on ESPN's coverage. NY-centric blogs mentioning the game all over. I haven't seen it all, I am certain, so if you know of an article or a blog that reviews this game, feel free to add it in the comments.

The next big question: where will St. John's be ranked? Yes, the rankings don't mean a whole lot - the results matter, and that's why we love college ball. But for a fan base that hasn't seen a number next to their team's name in over 10 years, it feels like a validation.

At what position should the St John's Red Storm be ranked? Make a choice below.