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Gametime! St. John's vs. the DePaul Blue Demons

Paris Horne is due for a good game.
Paris Horne is due for a good game.

Tonight, the St. John's Red Storm shake off the Carnesecca Arena woes and put up a performance befitting a top-25 team. The Blue Demons have been tough of late, but St. John's should look to beat the tar out of DePaul.

But can they do it? Can this be a game where the outcome is so not in question that some of the main players can get some rest? Can they give the home fans a fun game, for once?

If you didn't catch it, here is the preview of the DePaul/ St. John's game from Rumble in the Garden.

The keys to tonight's game are:

Get the Red Storm athletes running.

Defend DePaul's three-point shooters.

Play crisp, smart basketball.

Hit the free throws.


More detail in the preview. Start the commenting below!