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Big East, #15 St. John's rankings & bracketology update Feb 28

(Also see: Big East efficiency margins update)

Big East teams are in the two major rankings that were published early this afternoon. Ths site is particularly partial to #15, of course. Even though three voters had St. John's unranked in the AP poll - including one from the LA Daily News, by the way - St. John's is now ranked in the top15, along with 7 other of the school's Big East brethren:

Associated Press Top 25 Coaches Poll
1 Ohio State 1 Ohio State
2 Kansas 2 Kansas
3 Brigham Young 3 Brigham Young
4 Duke 4 Duke
4 Pittsburgh 5 Pittsburgh
6 Purdue 6 Purdue
7 Texas 7 Notre Dame
8 Notre Dame 8 Texas
9 San Diego State 9 San Diego State
10 Wisconsin 10 Wisconsin
11 Louisville 11 Louisville
12 Syracuse 12 Syracuse
13 North Carolina 13 North Carolina
14 Florida 14 Florida
15 St. John's 15 St. John's
16 Connecticut 16 Connecticut
17 Georgetown 17 Georgetown
18 Arizona 18 Arizona
19 Villanova 19 Villanova
20 Kentucky 20 Vanderbilt
21 Vanderbilt 21 Utah State
22 Missouri 22 Texas A&M
23 Xavier 23 Kentucky
24 Texas A&M 24 Missouri
25 Utah State 25 George Mason

With only Seton Hall (who could be dangerous) and South Florida left on the slate - both with losing records - St. John's will go into the Big East tournament ranked as a top-15 team, with tons of momentum. And playing at home, in Madison Square Garden, where they've been so hot... could they cut down the nets at home?

That would be an impressive - and unprecedented - feat, given where many thought the Red Storm would end up in the beginning of the year, or even in December.

Right now, the Red Storm are a 4 seed in Chris Dobbertean's Blogging the Bracket bracketology. A win in the Big East Tournament could move them up to the third line. Not bad for a team that was below .500 in the Big East entering March.

As for the rest of the league, per Dobbertean:


Notre Dame 
St. John's
West Virginia  


St. John's wants to avoid the "wildly flawed" line of the fifth seed - the home of the famous 5-12 upset that never fails.  In a wide-open NCAA Tournament that will be filled with upsets... Connecticut (only powered by Kemba) and Villanova (inconsistent) are ripe for "upset" picks.

But any team is ripe for an upset... that's why they play the games.

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