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Gametime! St. John's visits the Seton Hall Pirates

At the end of the day when we step onto the court, everybody’s my enemy. Everybody, I want to beat.

- Justin Burrell, pregame.

It's time to take on the rivals from across the Hudson - technically, across the Hudson and East Rivers - Seton Hall. Now in Newark, the Pirates have struggled this season to an 11-17 record, missing shots in a disconcerting way. Tough season for them, and St. John's doesn't want to give them a little pleasant glow of a win to go home with.

Last year's game was tough to watch, another nail in the former staff's basketball coffin. This year, both teams found new coaches... but only St. John's trended upwards. The Pirate players are certainly not less talented, but the group dynamic over there has always been questioned.

Read the St. John's basketball vs Seton Hall game preview. And if you haven't seen it yet, look at the Q & A with Chris Mullin as he looks back on the program, and the 5 questions with South Orange Juice. Mullin will be part of the announcing crew for tonight's game.

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