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Gametime! St. John's against the South Florida Bulls.

Catch up with the preview post.

It's senior night and here's hoping the Johnnies can get a big win. From today's NY Post:

NY Post: Special St. John's class to be honored tonight -
Instead of letting greed rule the night -- Senior Night -- let tonight's festivities at Carnesecca Arena be about one thing and one thing only: celebrating the seniors who came to St. John's when it was renting space in the Big East basement.

Michael I. Malik Boothe, Justin D. Brownlee, Justin E. Burrell, M. Ayodele Coker, Sean Evans, Dwight J. Hardy, Paris L. Horne, David J. Kennedy and Robert D. Thomas -- you have written yourselves into St. John's lore. You walk with Boykoff, Zawoluk, Seiden, Dove, Mullin, Jackson, Berry, Sealy, Artest and Hatten.

You have restored the pride and reminded St. John's fans of the truth -- the Johnnies are the city's college team and the jersey you wear is sacred attire, even the black jerseys you will wear against South Florida tonight.

So true.

Leave some thoughts - and let's discuss the game - below.