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Scouting on God's Gift Achiuwa from Juco Recruiting

God's Gift is visiting St. John's this weekend. It's Easter; here's hoping he arrives on Good Friday and leaves after Sunday mass, gifting himself to the Red Storm.

The site Juco Recruiting (follow on Twitter) catches up with recent Junior College commitments and recruiting scuttlebutt. Brad Winton has comments on God's Gift Achiuwa below the fold:

Some reports have said that Rhode Island and Charlotte are in the mix, but he does not have any visits scheduled after this weekend. There has also been some talk that his natural position would be at the 3 spot. After seeing him play several times this year, I don’t see any way that he could play on the perimeter. He doesn’t handle the ball well and struggles outside of 10 feet. Achiuwa doesn’t have great hands, but plays extremely hard and hits the glass on both ends. He seemed to enjoy his visit to Washington, but didn’t say who his leader was.

Not great hands, but plays hard. And no way he can play the 3-spot; he struggles outside of 10 feet. Sounds like a center to me; maybe the talk of him wanting to play on the perimeter is just idle talk and rumor.

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